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5 Things You Need to Know About Airline Miles

You have probably heard about miles earned from airlines and credits cards and wondered what the difference is.

The answer is, not much. Miles earned by flying are usually the number of miles from point A to B. Miles earned through purchases charged to a credit card are usually a set number of miles per dollar charge. They can then be combined and redeemed for airline tickets, upgrades and more. To make the most of it, you need to know these five things about your airline miles.

  1. Upgrades are your friend

The purpose of getting airline miles is to get more of what you love without spending a lot, and upgrades often give your miles greater power.  Use your hard-earned miles to purchase an upgrade for your base ticket. Whether you fly domestically or internationally, a little premium service can make the journey much more enjoyable.

  1. There is one way to always pay more

Knowing what to purchase with your miles is just as important as knowing when to purchase it. Avoid using your miles to purchase gifts or other non-flight services. You will find that these purchases can eat up miles quickly, leaving you unable to upgrade and stranded in economy class.

  1. Pull your top picks

Some of your favorite airlines offer tremendous deals, and if you know what to look for, you can snatch them up. Some domestic airlines miles may better spent on international destinations like Europe, Asia, and South America, while international airlines might help you take advantage of short flights across the US. Also look for new routes like ones from Southwest Airlines, which now flies to the Caribbean. Stay ahead of dynamic pricing by airlines by watching for price fluctuations and flying times.

  1. When to use a miles broker

It can be difficult to keep up with the changes in mileage accrual and redemption. That is why it can be a good idea to use a miles broker who can help you get the most out of your miles. A reputable miles broker can not only provide you with an easy solution to buy airline miles online but can also help you sell the miles you have built up for cash. If you’re looking for more information on buying or selling your airline miles, learn more about how the process works and why you should work with us.

  1. Get your two cents’ worth

If you have racked up hundreds of thousands of airline miles, you may want to know how much all those miles are worth. Although rates vary between airlines, the rule of thumb values them at about two cents per mile for most of the major airlines. When trying to redeem your miles, you should try to get this amount to maximize their value.

Why You Should Consider Buying Airline Miles

You are unlikely to earn all the frequent flier miles you need just by flying. Of course, flying will earn you some of those coveted airline miles, but you will want to find other ways to earn more miles since you will not be in the air all the time.

To keep earning points even when you are not flying, take advantage of sign-up bonuses with credit card companies, and then use those cards for your everyday spending. Since you will be buying food, clothing and other necessities, you may as well earn points at the same time. To pull this off, you will need outstanding credit and responsible spending habits.

The other way you can add points or miles to your mileage membership is through purchasing additional miles. Airlines will often sell mileage packages at discounted prices per mile, and a miles broker may also help you find stellar deals.

Redeeming your miles can take some savvy research on your part, but knowing when to use your miles help to make your mileage plan go further. For example, your miles provide you with better benefits if you upgrade your tickets to premium cabin seats on an international flight rather than purchase the premium seating outright. You may pay only a thousand or so dollars for an international economy flight, but that same premium flight could cost 30 times the price of an economy ticket. You are better off using your miles for upgrades.

It is important to remember that miles and points are not an investment that gains value over time, and having miles does not mean that you are guaranteed a seat or an upgrade – use is contingent upon availability. Avoid stockpiling miles, as there will always be great offers for you to take advantage of.

Purchasing miles to supplement those you have earned with your own flights and your credit card purchases can be an excellent way to upgrade your flight experience to a whole new comfort level, and a good miles broker can help you navigate the way.

If you are looking for a safe and easy way to buy airline miles from most of the major airline carriers, learn more about buying them from the Miles Broker.

What Happens to your AMEX Points if you Cancel your Account?

amexYour Common AMEX Reward Points Questions Answered

If you have decided to let your AMEX card go, it’s likely because the perks you receive don’t offset the exorbitant annual fee you pay for being in exclusive company.

If you have accrued points, however, you may want to hang on to them – after all, you earned them and want to put them to good use. That leads to plenty of questions about your reward points, though.

What if you need to cancel your AMEX card? Can you still keep your points? Do they expire? Let’s take a look.

Do my AMEX points expire?

No, they are always there. Although they don’t go away, if you no longer have an account with AMEX, your points are in limbo; they’re there, but inaccessible and waiting reactivation.

Can you sell your AMEX points for cash?

Yes you can. If you are interested in selling your AMEX points or would like more information, please click here.

How long will my points wait?

AMEX gives you 30 days to transfer your points to another one of their cards. After that, your points are erased.

Do I have to lose my points?

No, there’s a way to hang on to your points, even if you cancel one or more of your AMEX cards. To do it, though, you must maintain at least one open account, either for business or personal use.

Is that the only way to hang on to my points?

No, you can rescue the points you’ve earned with your AMEX card by transferring them to partner airlines; just be sure to make the transfer before you close your card.

Are my lost points really irretrievable?

Perhaps not. By acquiring a new Membership Awards card within a year of cancelling your former card(s), make a request in writing to the Membership Rewards Correspondence Unit (AMEX Membership Rewards; PO BOX 297813; Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-7813). You just might get them reinstated. Be sure that you outline your credit history with American Express, indicate your credit score and the fiscal responsibility you’ve shown by using your credit card responsibly and maintaining a stellar credit score.

Buying Airline Miles Just Got Easier

Learning how to maximize your air travel frequent flier miles shouldn’t require the strategic planning skills of a military general, nor should it break your bank account.

In fact, buying airline miles should be one of the easiest and most cost effective things you can do, as long as you make your purchases wisely. Purchasing miles makes sense if you’re just a few points or miles from your free upgrade, free ticket, or once in a lifetime vacation opportunity. But buying airline miles in bulk to get those perks from the outside isn’t much different than paying for big markups on other retail merchandise.

You can’t come out ahead.

When you do want to take advantage of buying frequent flier miles, you can purchase those points through your preferred airline, or you can enlist in the help of a mileage broker.

Using a mileage broker makes sense if you’re looking to give your membership account a little boost to get the most mileage for your money and time. After all, selling or buying the miles you need can take a lot of time away from your work because you would have to find someone interested in the exact number of miles you have or want.

The steps for working successfully with a mileage broker are simple:

  1. Visit a reputable mileage broker online. The broker you select will have already purchase miles from other rewards members, so you likely won’t have much of a wait.
  2. Fill out the online forms completely. There more information you can provide, the more likely your broker can get in touch with you quickly to meet your needs. You’ll want your broker to be able to contact you as soon as possible.
  3. Know your itinerary in advance. You’ll be asked to enter the details in the form, so be prepared to detail your flight path and commit to the class of service (business, first, economy). Of course, you’ll also need your intended dates of travel and an idea of the amount you’re willing to spend on those additional miles you purchase.

A reputable mileage broker can also help you sell those miles you know you’ll never be able to use because they’re sitting in an account that’s about to expire.

Using a mileage broker may just make buying airline miles much easier! If you would like to learn more about buying airline miles with us, please click here.

Ways to earn Chase Ultimate Reward Points

Chase Ultimate Rewards has been called one of the best rewards programs in all credit cards. Most cards have sign-up bonuses as well as spending bonuses. In fact, there are eight ways to quickly earn points.

  1.    Sign up Bonuses

Chase has many cards, five of which get you Ultimate Rewards. Three of those are personal cards and two are for business. Each card offers a different sign up reward, either a set number of points or a percentage of cash back. If you add other cardholders to your Chase Sapphire Preferred or Freedom accounts, you can receive extra bonus points.

  1.    Category Bonuses

The Chase Ultimate Rewards Category Bonuses will get you even more points for purchases in specific categories like travel, shopping, and business supply store spending. The Chase Freedom Card earns you 5x the points in certain categories.

All of that information is easy to find using the terms and conditions of your card. Make sure you know what they are and use it to your advantage.

  1.    Refer-A-Friend

You can get extra points simply be referring someone you know. That person will have to sign up for you to get the points. To send a referral, you have to link through Chase’s Refer-A-Friend online. Then, your friend will have to use that link and sign up.

  1.    Ask for a Better offer within 90 days

Chase will offer a wide arrange of signup bonuses during the year, and some of those might be higher than what you get. If you see that your card is one of those that does, you can try calling Chase. More often than not, you can get the better bonus by simply talking to Chase.

This will only work within the first 90 days of your card’s life, so make sure to pay attention.

  1.    Churning Chase Ultimate Rewards Cards

When it comes to canceling and then signing up again to earn a bonus, Chase does have some rules in place. This is called churning.

If the terms of the card change, then you don’t fall under the “churning” category because it is a brand new card. You can also wait at least 2 years to sign up to get the bonus again. You have to cancel the card in order to get this reward.

  1.    Retention Bonuses

If you keep your card for a long time instead of closing it, you just might get paid back for being loyal. It has been reported by some people that you will get bonuses for keeping your card. The trick is to call and say that you are thinking about canceling your card, and you will be offered points in order to stay.

  1.    Chase Shopping Portal

If you have some shopping to do, the Chase Online Shopping Portal allows you to earn from 1 times to 25 times extra points when shopping online. You will be able to earn that per dollar you spend.

As of right now, there are a total of 254 participating stores that you can shop with through their portal. You’ll be able to find some of your favorites and new ones to shop at.

  1.    Travel Purchases

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card offers 2x the points for every $1 spend on airfare purchases. This includes airfare, which can really add up, especially since it even counts those purchased on websites like Kayak and Expedia.


Ways to Redeem and Sell Your Citi ThankYou Points

The Citicard rewards program is entitled Citi ThankYou. Through this program, you can earn points that can be used in all of the traditional formats, including gift cards, online purchases, merchandise, travel, and credit toward purchases.

The most appealing method is to turn reward points into cash. This can be done through the online platform. Reward points can be redeemed in increments of $50, and a check will be sent to you. However it takes quite a few points to meet the minimum.

Another option is to redeem your points for hotel, flights, car rentals, cruises, or other travel experiences. There is often a direct transfer from points to dollars. You can also get gift cards for stores, restaurants, even travel brands in denominations of $25, $50, and $100.

Reward points are also redeemable through the ThankYou Service Center, including monthly mortgage payments and student loan rebates. Redemption rates include:

  • Student Loan: $0.01 = 1 TY points
  • Mortgage: $100 = 10,000 TY points
  • Student Loan: $100 = 10,000 TY points
  • Select and Credit: $100 = 13,333 TY points
  • VISA Gift Card: $100 = 14,000 TY points
  • Cash & Statement Credit: $100 = 20,000 TY points

Another option is to sell your Citi reward points at When selling your Citi points with us, you can rest assure that you will be making one of the most effective uses of your points. We make the process simple, all you need to do is submit a request and we will begin the process. If you’re interested in selling your Citi ThankYou Points, submit a request today.

Optimizing Your American Express Rewards Card

If you have an American Express rewards account, you know that there are plenty of rewards for you to take advantage of. Whether you have already accumulated a lot of points or are just starting out, there are some tips and tricks that can help you to maximize your AMEX rewards. They include:

Get the Introductory Bonus

If you do not have an American Express rewards card yet, you should look for an introductory bonus for signing up. It will be one of the easiest ways to collect reward points and will start your membership with a bang. In fact, there are a few different bonus deals, so you may want to do some research first to get the reward that you want.

Some of the best include the Qantas Ultimate Card, Velocity Platinum Card, David Jones American Express Platinum Card, and the Qantas Platinum Card.

Add Someone to Your Account

Earn points faster if you team up with someone that you can trust, like a spouse or another family member, you can add a Supplementary AMEX credit card. Your will earn reward points from eligible purchases the Supplementary AMEX cardholder makes. You can get as many supplementary accounts as you want.

Use Your Card in Smart Locations

If you pay attention to when and where you use your AMEX card, you will be able to build up points much more quickly. If you use your card at the supermarket, you will be able to earn double rewards. If you use it at major gas stations, you will get the same rewards. There is a list of where you can get these special double and triple points. Each card is different, so make sure you look up the terms and conditions of your individual cards.

Shop Locally

If you do not like to shop at bigger, chain stores and you want to support your local businesses, you do not have to miss out on the rewards. Instead, American Express has a Local Champion Game that allows you to earn up to 10,000 bonus points at local stores when using the app. You compete against other shoppers, and whoever has the highest number of transactions in a 30-day period is the local champion. From there, you will receive 1 bonus point per dollar spent, which which could increase to as much as 4 points per $1.

Refer a Friend

If you have a friend who needs a credit card for whatever reason, ask them to use you as a referral. If they are approved, you will get bonus points. You can get as many as 200,000 points per year through referrals. A link is available through your AMEX app.

How to Get the Most Out of Your American Express Membership Rewards Points

Everyone likes to get rewards and companies know it. From credit cards to movie theaters to airline companies, it seems like everyone is offering rewards. However, very few people actually know how to get the most out of their rewards. Are you one to go for the “low hanging fruit”, or are you smart about redeeming your rewards in ways that are actually valuable?

Let’s take a look at some tips and tricks so you can get the most out of your rewards:

Travel Wiser

You can redeem your points through AmEx’s travel portal to book flights and hotels easily. They have a working relationship with some of the best hotel chains around the world, including Best Western, Hilton, and Starwood. It may take a lot of points (a minimum 5,000 points is required), but if you do not have enough to cover the entire amount, the balance of the purchase price will remain charged to the card.

Go for the Gift

If you need birthday or holiday presents, consider getting gift cards. AmEx allows reward participants to redeem points for gift cards for many popular brands, some at 1 point per penny. (AmEx gift cards are 2 points per penny.) It may require a lot of points but if you have a lot of accumulated points that you don’t use, it can be a great way to offset costs.


Uber seems to be taking over, especially if you travel frequently. You can pay with your points if you link your AmEx to Uber. Just remember to tip your driver!

Do Good

If you like to give to charity, AmEx’s Members Give program allows participants to donate $10 for every 1,000 points redeemed. Members can also redeem points for certificates to give as gifts.  Recipients then redeem the certificates by choosing one of over a million US charities to donate to.

Online Shopping

You can link your AmEx account to BestBuy or Amazon’s online platforms. Unless you have a huge stockpile of points, you most likely won’t be able to get anything huge, but it is a good way to keep your costs low.

Statement Credit

While it may not be the best, one way to redeem points is to use them toward eligible charges. However a minimum of 1,000 available points is required.

Whatever you do, be smart about how you use your points. There is no way to determine who will get the most out of their points, or to say that one way is the best way. You have to determine that for yourself.

If you are still unsure what to do with your AMEX points, another option is selling them for cash. For more information on how to do that, click here.

United Airlines Miles Tips

For those that are interested in building up miles with United Airlines, it may not always be easy to figure out what are the best ways to earn and redeem them. Find tips below that can help you get the most out of your United miles.

How to Earn More Miles: Some credit cards will offer up miles just for using them. Chase’s Ultimate Rewards program offers a transfer program, and there are variations of the card that earn more. You can use them on things you’ll already buy – from office supplies to gas – and still earn tons of miles. There is also a United Club card, which offers 1.5x miles per dollar spent. It also allows you to have two free checked bags and waived close-in booking fees!

How to Redeem Miles: When you are redeeming your miles, do not look at the award calendar. It is best to do your own research because of the way United’s system is set up. They will look for flight itineraries that require more than two flights, which limits your options. You might have to call the reservations center to book, but it will be worth it.

For an additional trick, you should find additional Saver award space using the United Card. Ensure that you are logged in before you search for flights.

Make sure you look for partners that aren’t online. United is pretty much on top of things, but its partners aren’t always. If you are looking to go through Singapore, Cape Air, Jet Airways of India, or Shenzhen Airlines of China, you might not be able to find them on the website.

Another option if you don’t plan on traveling anytime soon and want to get something for the miles you’ve earned, you can sell your United Airline miles for cash. This is an easy way to get cold hard cash for the miles you’ve earned.

Bonus Tips:

Use your phone – United isn’t always consistent about offering up cash and mileage upgrades for paid, economy-class tickets. You could get an offer during booking, during check-in, or even when you are at the gate. If you want to confirm your upgrade in advance, calling the reservation line and asking might be your best approach.

Avoid Fees – If you book your flights as one-ways, United won’t charge the outrageous $200 fee (domestic) or $400 fee (international). This is the same price as a one way ticket and really doesn’t pay! This number goes up if you aren’t flying coach. What you should do is book your flight as two one-way segments, especially if you are going to book a different outbound flight. Then you can no-show for your original reservation and won’t pay the fees. You might even be qualified for a refund if your original flight was delayed or cancelled. You’ll just have to be careful and do some math.

When to use your miles to get the most out of them

airlineAlthough you may have frequent flyer miles, it doesn’t mean you need to use them right away. With a little strategizing, there are smarter ways to use them.  Here are five instances when it may be better to use your miles instead of paying cash:

When you are booking first class or international business class. Most people like to save their miles for something more expensive, like a first class flight to Europe or a business class trip to Hong Kong. However, what many people don’t realize is that many times you can redeem miles from a domestic airline’s program to fly on a partner airline that flies internationally.

When booking last minute. There are instances when we need to book a last minute flight and may not have the funds. While it may not make sense to redeem over 25 thousand points on a ticket with a reasonable fare, it would make more sense to redeem them for a last minute flight when fares are usually higher.

When you aren’t sure if you are able to travel. If your travel plans are up in the air and you are unsure whether or not you can actually make a flight, it may be best to use airline miles. You can normally change or cancel your flight for a low fee, and in most cases can get your miles back if you need to cancel.

If you have a lot of miles and you don’t have the cash. If you need or want to go on a trip but you don’t have the cash, then you could use your miles. But this should be a last resort. This is also a great option when you need to budget for other travel expenses like hotel and car rental.

To avoid fuel surcharges. Some airlines add quite substantial fuel surcharges. In addition to the tens of thousands of miles you redeem for a flight, you’ll may also have to pay a lot of money for additional fees. Sometimes even paying the same price as you would have the fare! Try to use your miles on airlines that don’t charge excessive surcharges.

Airline miles have become a great way to take trips that you otherwise may not be able to afford. If you are thinking of using your frequent airline miles, take the time to plan and strategize to get the most out of them.