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Buy Miles: TheMilesBroker.com is not affiliated with any of the respective airlines. TheMilesBroker.com is not responsible for any issues that you may encounter with the airline when booking the ticket or with your ticket once it has been issued. By submitting a request to buy miles/points the customer accepts these terms.

All sales are final and are non-refundable. After the transfer to your airline frequent flyer account is complete, it cannot be reversed or transferred to a different frequent flyer program.
It is your responsibility in providing TheMilesBroker.com with the correct information, including the frequent flyer program account number and your first and last name. Any incorrect information may delay the transfer process.

Sell Miles: TheMilesBroker.com may ask for your personal information including first and last name, address, email address, frequent flyer account login details and phone numbers. This ensures the sale of the miles from the actual account holder. The sale of miles/points give TheMilesBroker.com access to your account for up to 180 days, or otherwise stated and agreed, for which the miles/points paid are used completely as agreed upon through payment. By submitting a request to sell miles/points the customer accepts these terms.

Personal Information: Information provided to TheMilesBroker.com is only used for frequent flyer account access to use miles/points as agreed upon. TheMilesBroker.com does not sell, share or market your information to 3rd parties.

Contest(s): TheMilesBroker.com, at any time can terminate a contest without prior notice. Current contest of 25,000 miles giveaway has no determined end date. At any time TheMilesBroker.com shall give away 25,000 miles, from any airline or credit card reward program at the discretion of TheMilesBroker.com. Current Bonus Payout “contest” requires submissions to “like” TheMilesBroker.com Facebook page, “follow” TheMilesBroker.com Google+ page, and share TheMilesBroker.com on a minimum of two of the participants’ social media pages. “Likes”, “follow” and sharing of TheMilesBroker.com site on participants social media sites are verified before announcing “bonus payout” to client. The amount of which is paid is determined on market value and current stock. Participants must announce to TheMilesBroker.com that he/she has accepted the terms and conditions of the “bonus payout” contest.

TheMilesBroker.com may change its terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

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