Is It Worth Collecting Hawaiian Airlines Miles?

There have been numerous times when people have thrown away their reward points and travel miles because they think they have become useless. This is not the case however, as you never know when the miles and the points may come in handy. If you like to travel then it is highly recommended that you start investing in Hawaiian Airlines Miles.

Why Hawaiian Airlines specifically you ask? Well, the answer is quite simple, they offer the easiest and the best online redemption programs, not to mention the wide range of other useful stuff, which are as follows:

Monthly 1000 Miles as Free Rewards

Don’t you love to get free stuff? If yes then you need to start searching and get rewarded for it too! The Hawaiian Mile Finder is a toolbar that allows the members to download it and use it for searching. If you do enough searches you can earn up to 1000 miles every month. For every 3 searches you do, you get 1 Mile. Imagine doing this for a year and getting 12000 free miles!

In fact, you can get your family and friends on this too and earn even greater number of miles year round. So why not save on your next holiday by earning these free points and spending on your travels.

Free Miles Sharing For Visa Cardholders

As mentioned earlier, you can get your family to start earning Hawaiian Miles and the y can share them with you for free over your Visa card. There is so much you can do by simply having your family and friends transfer some miles your way. For example, if you are short of some points in order to get a bonus, you can ask your close ones to send some of those points your way.

Get More Value for Your Miles

What if you get the chance to convert your points into some other honors you wish to use, such as the Hilton Honors. You get a ratio of 1:1.5, which is something no other reward program offers!

Decent Redemption Rates

You can get your reward points redeemed to other several rewards online without you having to talk to any of the customer service people. You can even redeem your miles to travel to amazing places like the French Polynesia and Australia. All this can be done easily online!

No Need to be an Elite Member

You don’t have to be an elite member to benefit from the Hawaiian Airlines reward points. Regular members also get occasional deals on redemption rates and discounts on baggage fees. For families, these discounts can save a lot of money.

If you wish to become an Elite-Status holder, you have to do the following:

  • Pualani Gold – Either earn 20,000 Miles OR fly 30 eligible segments
  • Pualani Platinum – Either earn 40,000 Miles OR fly 60 eligible segments