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Buying airlines miles are an excellent way to save money on International Business and First Class destinations. The Miles Broker makes it easy to buy airline miles and credit card rewards! The process of buying airline miles is simple and we offer a turn around time of up to 48 hours. We make it a priority that your award seats are still available at the time of booking. Submit a quote to get started today!

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*We may display some airline/programs in our search results page for informational purposes only. In this case, it means we are unable to transfer to that particular airline or the airline does not participate in the transfer program.

When to Buy Airline Miles

Purchasing airline miles boosts your travel power. With the additional frequent flyer airline miles, you’ll cover longer distances in greater comfort why making the most of your dollar. In short, buying airline miles can be cost-effective when done right.

Consider buying airline miles when you’re ready to make your flight a first class experience. First class cabin roundtrip travel can be hugely expensive unless you leverage the cost by purchasing airline miles. You’ll make your premium trip more affordable by purchasing additional airline miles. You should also buy miles to prevent mileage expiration or need the miles for an award ticket.

If you are looking for an easy and safe way to buy frequent flyer miles, we can help! For more information about our services, contact us today.

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