Miles Tips: When to Use and Buy Korean Airline Miles

Korean AirlinesKorean Airline is one of the most excellent airlines to fly, with their comfortable and elegant planes and excellent services. Even economy seats get superstar treatment, which means that every flight you take will be one to remember.

From their customer service to their focus on cleanliness and health, this is one membership you can be proud of. For those that use Korean Airlines frequently, SKYPASS is the frequent flyer program where you can earn miles and redeem them for flights. Since it serves some 45 countries (and the list continues to grow), you can always find something to do or somewhere to go.

Earning Korean Airline Miles

When you fly on Korean Airlines, every trip you take will earn you miles. There are partner airlines that will earn you points as well, including Alaska Airlines. Easier ways to earn miles include using credit cards that are attached to your account, staying at certain hotels, or specialty sales where you can earn a massive amount of Korean Airline miles.

When to Buy Korean Airline Miles

Buying Korean Airline miles is easy and can help you in many situations. Most often, people will buy airline miles to top off a reward that they just haven’t reached yet. This can something as simple as a flight in economy or something as special as an upgrade to business or first class.

Another option is to buy Korean Airline miles to keep existing miles active. This is most common for people who don’t travel quite as often and have a massive amount of miles that are about to expire – just buying the minimal amount means that the rest of your miles stay active.

When to Use Korean Airline Miles

There are many different times to use your Korean Airline miles. The best is for a trip within or to Korea. You can update to first class which will be an absolutely amazing experience for anyone.

You can also use it to plan a stopover on your flight for another trip (or an extended stay).

Korean Airlines also has great programs to Hawaii, Tahiti, and the Caribbean that cost many miles less than other airline miles.

Overall, Korean Airlines is an excellent airline with a fantastic (and user friendly) rewards program.