What Happens to your AMEX Points if you Cancel your Account?

amexYour Common AMEX Reward Points Questions Answered

If you have decided to let your AMEX card go, it’s likely because the perks you receive don’t offset the exorbitant annual fee you pay for being in exclusive company.

If you have accrued points, however, you may want to hang on to them – after all, you earned them and want to put them to good use. That leads to plenty of questions about your reward points, though.

What if you need to cancel your AMEX card? Can you still keep your points? Do they expire? Let’s take a look.

Do my AMEX points expire?

No, they are always there. Although they don’t go away, if you no longer have an account with AMEX, your points are in limbo; they’re there, but inaccessible and waiting reactivation.

Can you sell your AMEX points for cash?

Yes you can. If you are interested in selling your AMEX points or would like more information, please click here.

How long will my points wait?

AMEX gives you 30 days to transfer your points to another one of their cards. After that, your points are erased.

Do I have to lose my points?

No, there’s a way to hang on to your points, even if you cancel one or more of your AMEX cards. To do it, though, you must maintain at least one open account, either for business or personal use.

Is that the only way to hang on to my points?

No, you can rescue the points you’ve earned with your AMEX card by transferring them to partner airlines; just be sure to make the transfer before you close your card.

Are my lost points really irretrievable?

Perhaps not. By acquiring a new Membership Awards card within a year of cancelling your former card(s), make a request in writing to the Membership Rewards Correspondence Unit (AMEX Membership Rewards; PO BOX 297813; Fort Lauderdale, FL 33329-7813). You just might get them reinstated. Be sure that you outline your credit history with American Express, indicate your credit score and the fiscal responsibility you’ve shown by using your credit card responsibly and maintaining a stellar credit score.