Buying Airline Miles Just Got Easier

Learning how to maximize your air travel frequent flier miles shouldn’t require the strategic planning skills of a military general, nor should it break your bank account.

In fact, buying airline miles should be one of the easiest and most cost effective things you can do, as long as you make your purchases wisely. Purchasing miles makes sense if you’re just a few points or miles from your free upgrade, free ticket, or once in a lifetime vacation opportunity. But buying airline miles in bulk to get those perks from the outside isn’t much different than paying for big markups on other retail merchandise.

You can’t come out ahead.

When you do want to take advantage of buying frequent flier miles, you can purchase those points through your preferred airline, or you can enlist in the help of a mileage broker.

Using a mileage broker makes sense if you’re looking to give your membership account a little boost to get the most mileage for your money and time. After all, selling or buying the miles you need can take a lot of time away from your work because you would have to find someone interested in the exact number of miles you have or want.

The steps for working successfully with a mileage broker are simple:

  1. Visit a reputable mileage broker online. The broker you select will have already purchase miles from other rewards members, so you likely won’t have much of a wait.
  2. Fill out the online forms completely. There more information you can provide, the more likely your broker can get in touch with you quickly to meet your needs. You’ll want your broker to be able to contact you as soon as possible.
  3. Know your itinerary in advance. You’ll be asked to enter the details in the form, so be prepared to detail your flight path and commit to the class of service (business, first, economy). Of course, you’ll also need your intended dates of travel and an idea of the amount you’re willing to spend on those additional miles you purchase.

A reputable mileage broker can also help you sell those miles you know you’ll never be able to use because they’re sitting in an account that’s about to expire.

Using a mileage broker may just make buying airline miles much easier! If you would like to learn more about buying airline miles with us, please click here.