Ways to earn Chase Ultimate Reward Points

Chase Ultimate Rewards has been called one of the best rewards programs in all credit cards. Most cards have sign-up bonuses as well as spending bonuses. In fact, there are eight ways to quickly earn points.

  1.    Sign up Bonuses

Chase has many cards, five of which get you Ultimate Rewards. Three of those are personal cards and two are for business. Each card offers a different sign up reward, either a set number of points or a percentage of cash back. If you add other cardholders to your Chase Sapphire Preferred or Freedom accounts, you can receive extra bonus points.

  1.    Category Bonuses

The Chase Ultimate Rewards Category Bonuses will get you even more points for purchases in specific categories like travel, shopping, and business supply store spending. The Chase Freedom Card earns you 5x the points in certain categories.

All of that information is easy to find using the terms and conditions of your card. Make sure you know what they are and use it to your advantage.

  1.    Refer-A-Friend

You can get extra points simply be referring someone you know. That person will have to sign up for you to get the points. To send a referral, you have to link through Chase’s Refer-A-Friend online. Then, your friend will have to use that link and sign up.

  1.    Ask for a Better offer within 90 days

Chase will offer a wide arrange of signup bonuses during the year, and some of those might be higher than what you get. If you see that your card is one of those that does, you can try calling Chase. More often than not, you can get the better bonus by simply talking to Chase.

This will only work within the first 90 days of your card’s life, so make sure to pay attention.

  1.    Churning Chase Ultimate Rewards Cards

When it comes to canceling and then signing up again to earn a bonus, Chase does have some rules in place. This is called churning.

If the terms of the card change, then you don’t fall under the “churning” category because it is a brand new card. You can also wait at least 2 years to sign up to get the bonus again. You have to cancel the card in order to get this reward.

  1.    Retention Bonuses

If you keep your card for a long time instead of closing it, you just might get paid back for being loyal. It has been reported by some people that you will get bonuses for keeping your card. The trick is to call and say that you are thinking about canceling your card, and you will be offered points in order to stay.

  1.    Chase Shopping Portal

If you have some shopping to do, the Chase Online Shopping Portal allows you to earn from 1 times to 25 times extra points when shopping online. You will be able to earn that per dollar you spend.

As of right now, there are a total of 254 participating stores that you can shop with through their portal. You’ll be able to find some of your favorites and new ones to shop at.

  1.    Travel Purchases

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card offers 2x the points for every $1 spend on airfare purchases. This includes airfare, which can really add up, especially since it even counts those purchased on websites like Kayak and Expedia.