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Ways to earn frequent flyer miles without a credit card

Whether you are too young or you have been burned by a credit card before, not everyone wants to apply for a credit card just to earn miles. However, you still might have the dream to go somewhere exotic or beautiful without having to pay for all of the miles – and you can.

Here are a few different options that you have:

Online Shopping

So you might need a credit card to go online shopping, but you could also have a debit card – so online shopping can still work out for you (or work twice if you do want to use a credit card). Most airlines will have shopping portals where you can make your purchases to earn bonus airlines. Typically, you won’t pay anything extra and you’ll still gain miles.

Sometimes, the items will cost more on this website, so you do want to shop around and see whether or not it is worth it – just remember that you are getting miles on top of that.

Go To Restaurants

Some airlines will offer extra points if you dine at specific restaurants. You can sign up online and link a credit card to that restaurant. You can pay your bill (which you will do anyway) and earn miles. Of course, this does require a credit card.


Some services, like Netflix, will offer you bonus airline miles just for signing up! While you shouldn’t sign up for things just because they offer miles, it is certainly something to consider.

Survey Says

While you are lounging on the couch, you might want to start using that time wisely. There are plenty of online survey sites, like eMiles and e-Rewards, where you can get points for taking surveys – mostly about your shopping habits.

Debit Cards

If you aren’t a fan of credit cards, you probably have a debit card. Since most people do prefer to use cards over cash, you may want to consider it. A debit card cannot get you into nearly as much trouble as a credit card does and you still get the miles that you want. Often, you have to go directly through the airline to get this kind of card, though sometimes banks will offer specials.

No matter what, the best way to get anywhere with your miles is to ensure that you use your miles properly and are smart about earning them. Only do what makes sense and always shop around for your miles to see what deal is the best.

Should you Join a Hotel Rewards Program?

Many people resist joining a hotel rewards program and it isn’t immediately clear why. They often don’t cost anymore more than time, and they can get you some great perks. However people don’t want to take the time to find out how they can benefit them. Interested? Here are a few reasons why to join a hotel rewards program.

Benefits Are Immediate

With most hotel rewards programs, you get the benefits as soon as you sign up – things that don’t take any rewards points at all. This will vary depending on the hotel, but you can expect to get something almost immediately – a free upgrade, late check-out, a free drink, or access to a special area of the hotel.

Fewer Restrictions Than Other Programs

When you work directly with the hotel, you will face fewer restrictions when it comes to your use of the points. One of the best restrictions you won’t face is the risk of points that expire – more hotels keep your points forever. Some will even allow you to stay anywhere!

You’ll also have access to different methods of booking with certain programs. Another great option you have by working directly with ah hotel rewards program is that you can use different payment methods – like combining points and your own money.

Finally, you’ll deal with fewer blackout dates as well. Most hotel chains won’t allow you to book on “cheap” sites for specific dates – like holidays- but you will be able to get it through the hotel’s rewards program.

You’ll Get Special Deals & Superior Options

Sometimes, you’ll get better treatment when you are actually at the hotel as well. People who are enrolled in rewards programs are likely to get free upgrades, better rooms, and access to free amenities that others have to pay for – like Wi-Fi, breakfast, exclusive elevator usage, early check-in, late check-out, and even discounts within the hotel’s dining and shopping options.

Freedom to Roam

One of the best reasons to work with a specific hotel chain’s rewards program is to get access to their many locations all across the globe. You’ll be able to earn points at your favorite local hotel (for special occasions or business) and then use them to take the vacation of your dreams.

Interested in a hotel rewards program? Make sure to do your research and find out the best option for you, your spending habits, and your staying habits.

Getting the Most Out of your Rewards When Traveling for Business

If you travel for business, you know that it can be quite easy to rack up large amounts of rewards points. But are you doing enough with them to get the most out of them? There are many different ways you could be selling yourself short with the rewards that you get and you may not even know it. Even worse, you could be cutting yourself before you even get them by not going about earning them the proper way.

So how could you use your points better? Here are a few pointers.

Get a Better Credit Card

Of course, the best thing you can do to earn better rewards from your credit card is to get a better credit card. Don’t always use the same cards that everyone else is using – find the ones that work best for you. Real value comes when you do a little bit of digging and maybe even some math to figure out which cards will work best for you.

Think about where you travel, how you travel, and what you do when you travel and you will start to get a clear idea where most of your money goes. Even if you get reimbursed, you can still keep those points.

Know the Rules

When you use your card to earn points, you have to know the rules. Generally, you want to know about how to earn more points, where you earn the most points, limitations for using those points, if your points expire, and any specials that your card may run. Knowing these rules can help you to make a better decision about when, where, and how to use the points. If you know the rules, you will know how to use them in your favor.

Book Hotels

Using a card to book hotels can be a great way to earn a reputation at the hotel – and maybe score some free points. Many hotel giants, like Marriott, Hilton, Starwood, and more have loyalty programs that allow you to earn perks like free Wi-Fi, free breakfast, upgrades, and quicker check-in. Most of the time, you do have to use the card and book directly on the company’s website, so you have to weigh the pros and cons there as well.

Use Your Rewards Smartly

Most importantly, when you get rewards, you have to know how to use them in an intelligent manner. Make the most of your rewards and always do research.

Why You Should Consider a No Annual Fee Credit Card

Making a choice for a credit card can be tough – you have to do a lot of research to find the one that is the right fit for you. For some they think that all credit cards are created equally and don’t know what things to consider when deciding on one. One of the most basic decisions you have to make is whether or not to pay a fee – it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that paying a fee probably isn’t the best choice, especially if the other choice is not paying anything at all.

Other than that, what are some of the other benefits? Let’s take a look:

You Get Better Rewards

Most no-fee credit cards also offer great  rewards that you can then use to save yourself even more money. Since there are quite a few different no annual fee credit cards, they often compete for patrons using their rewards programs. If you plan to use your card in the same places, you want to look for a place to get the most rewards – like for travel, grocery shopping, or even shopping for office supplies.

“Better rewards” depends on the rewards you are looking for, but you will definitely want to do some research here to find the best one for you.

It Is Easier To Get

Having trouble getting a credit card? It happens to the best of us. No annual fee credit cards tend to accept more people than feed credit cards. Each card has its own set of requirements and factors, so you will have to do a bit of research to see which one is likely to accept you, especially if your credit score is extremely low.

Of course, there is no guarantee that you will get a card, but there is a better chance.

Improved Credit Score

Once you do get a credit card (and spend responsibly), you will get an improved credit score. With no annual fee, it makes it easier to pay off your car every month, which will positively affect your credit score. Even better, you are more likely to keep a no fee card, which will eventually impact your credit score positively as well.

Overall, getting a no fee credit card that you can pay off regularly and responsibly will make it easier for you to get better credit cards and loan interest rates into the future.

Getting a credit card isn’t always the most responsible option for everyone. However, one of the best things you can do is apply for a no annual fee credit card and reap the benefits that come from that.

Ways You are Potentially Leaving Points on the Table

When you earn your reward points you want to make sure that you get the most out of them and don’t potentially leave any on the table. There are so many different ways that people are leaving points on the table – and we don’t even realize that we are doing it. To make sure that you are getting the most out of your reward points, these are some things that you should look out for:

You Aren’t Utilizing Credit Cards Properly

Credit cards are the main way we spend money – few people are carrying cash these days. Making your credit cards work for you is a fantastic way to earn those points. Choosing the right way to spend your money, the right cards to put it on, and even the right cards to sign up for can make a difference.

If you spend more money at grocery stores, make sure to sign up for a card that gives you the most points back for that. Or for going to certain hotels. Or for going out to eat. There are cards that give you more points for almost any activity that you can do.

Spending Requirements

One thing you do have to notice is that each card has a spending requirement to get certain bonuses. Make sure to track your own spending so that you can see if you are going to get any of those bonuses. If you aren’t anywhere close, it might not be worth your while to spend all that extra money. However, if you have only a small percentage to go, you might want to find a way to get there.

Online Shopping

One of the best opportunities to make your miles work for you is to get them through online shopping. Hundreds of stores that are on virtual shopping malls – stores that you already shop at – offer points through airline programs. You will earn a different number of miles for each dollar that you spend at stores like Target, Gap, Old Navy, and more.

If you already spend money online, this is an easy way to shop and spend money without adding more burden to your bank account. Sometimes specific shops will work with specific airlines for even more of a benefit.

No matter what you do, make sure that you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to using your airline miles. Make sure you aren’t leaving anything on the table!

Best Airlines to Fly Business Class

Flying business class is a great way to ensure that you will have a nice trip and you will get some work done on the way – or at least, you will have the opportunity to get some work done. But are all business class airlines created equally? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they aren’t, so which ones are the best?

Here’s a rundown on our favorite business class airlines:

Qatar Airways

Globally recognized as the world’s best business airline, Qatar Airways has the most comprehensive list of amenities and luxury appeal that will impress anyone. For a truly amazing flight, book a Qsuite, a business suite with doors that will give you the most privacy. Within those doors, you’ll find a fully flat bed, storage space, and mood lighting. For those traveling in a group, all four Qsuites on a flight have sliding doors so that you can create a larger room and have meetings.

The ed itself is quite amazing, with high thread counts and as many pillows as you’d like. Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment, and luxury toiletries are also provided.


Lufthansa is a slightly lesser known airline, but it is certainly a great one for business class travelers. You get your own check-in process, private lounges, and comfortable seats that tilt back a little when you are reclined, giving you the illusion of a bed.

However, the best feature is that the seats give you a massage while inflight, ensuring you are relaxed and ready to go. Don’t forget your breakfast on the way out!

Air Canada

Many things in Canada are better, including flying Business Class. The company has a gorgeous Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft that has some of the best business class amenities around, including an Executive Pod. This pod has a fully adjustable seat, pneumatic headrest and cushion, lumbar support, and massage capabilities. Of course, you get access to spa products on international flights.

If jet lag is a concern, you can sync the mood lighting to the different times zones to help alleviate that problem.

Of course, your food and drink options are premium as well.

British Airways

British Airways Club Class seats are massive, coming it at 6’6” long and 21.37 wide. They lie down completely when horizontal, making them the perfect bed. You don’t have to get up to adjust them, and can put up a privacy screen so that you get your beauty sleep in peace.

The food really stands out on British Airways, with luxury cakes, quality wine, and fresh fruit options.

Which airline will you take for your next business trip?

Is it Possible to Get the Miles from Deceased Family Members

It is morbid to think about, but if you have a family member that has passed away and amassed a large amount of airline miles, you may want to use them. It is something to consider, even if it does seem a bit morbid – they spent time earning them, so someone should use them.

Is it possible to get airline miles from a deceased family member?

It Is – If You Have Your Affairs in Order

It is possible to get miles from a deceased family member if everyone has their information correct and you get a little lucky. For most airlines, it is up to the discretion of the airlines and can even vary depending on who you talk to about it all. It might cost you some time and effort, but if there are a lot of miles at stake, it is worth it. Make sure to read the fine print, because there are mileage transfer fees for some airlines.

Depending on the airline, there is a special form that needs to be completed and sent back along with a death certificate. Sometimes, you can fill the form out online and send the death certificate separately, sometimes it has to all be together.

Note that no airline is going to do this automatically – you will have to do your own research and do most of the footwork by yourself. You’ll want to act quickly, in any case.

Know Your Airline’s Policy

Each airline has a different policy. Here is an overview for some of the top airlines, but know that they can change at any time.

American Airlines: AAdvantage mileage credit is non-transferable. However, the airline has made exceptions in certain cases. Mostly, this is covered on a case by case basis and does require quite a bit of work on your part. Fees do apply.

Delta Air Lines: According to Delta, miles are not the property of any member. Miles may not be transferred after death.

United Airlines: Accrued mileage and certificates are not transferable after death. However, this another airline that will consider transfers on a case by case basis. Sometimes, the transfer is accepted with a $75 fee and valid death certificate.

Southwest: Points are not allowed to be transferred after death. Within 24 months (2 years) of the last active date, the points will officially disappear. However, there are some questions about whether anyone who has access to those points can use them – it may be worth a shot.4

At the end of the day, you are at the mercy of the airline. Your best bet, if there are quite a few miles there, is to just try and see what happens.

Is Booking First Class Flights Worth It?

When it comes to flying, almost everyone would prefer to fly first class. We’ve all flown economy class before and many of us have had the same problems: cramped, uncomfortable seats, people too close for comfort, yelling kids, crying babies, and a general lack of any sort of peace. While all of those problems can’t be mitigated by flying first class, many of them can be. Once some of the problems are gone, you will see that you will be able to deal with the others quite well.

Want a few more reasons to book first class flights? Here are some of our favorite reasons:

1. You need to get work done.

Many people try to fly and get work done at the same time. We feel like we need to use the time, especially if we are about to take a few days off. Working in an economy seat is almost impossible. There are (very rarely) working outlets, the lap desk is small, and you can’t really put your arms out to type.

First class is likely nicer than your actual office. You’ll get power outlets, fast internet, and even room to spread your elbows out and get to work.

Even better, if there are people in first class with you, you may be presented with a networking opportunity that hadn’t been around before.

2. If you are trying to relax.

Vacations are supposed to be restful. If you are going on vacation and want to start it off on the right foot (or continue it when the vacation is over), you absolutely have to book first class. You will get more perks, better people, and you may even be more relaxed on the airplane than you are in your own car.

Even better – you might find people who live in your destination or go there frequently and you can get some insider tips.

3. For the Perks

If you are in an airline rewards program, buying first class tickets is going to net you more rewards points than booking somewhere else. If you are using your points for something special (programs that you can only get through using points) this is a quick way to add everything up.

Even better, you can use your perks to then get other first class flights – it is a cyclical situation in which whatever you do helps you later. And once you get the taste of first class, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Where will you fly when you book your first class flights?

Paying Bills with your Credit Cards – When to do it

Sometimes, we all hit a point when we need more money than we have, which means that we need to turn to credit cards to pay our bills for us. This isn’t a longterm solution, per say, but it is an option that many people have to turn to at some point. Instead of feeling bad about it or questioning whether or not it is the best time to do so, you may want to start thinking about situations in which it is better to use a credit card to pay your bills versus just paying them straight out. Here are a few times when you should use a credit card to pay bills:

Automatic Payments

Setting up automatic payments is an easy way to ensure that you never miss a due date on the services that really matter – like your cell phone, electricity, or insurances. Put everything on a credit card and set them to “automatic payments” so that when your bills come, the only one you need to open and worry about is your credit card bill. Save time and save effort!


For your local, school, or property taxes, sometimes you are paying an extra 3% for someone to handle your check or cash, if your locality even still accepts cash. To save a little extra cash (and in some areas, that’s a lot of extra cash), pay with a credit card. You’ll avoid that fee and ensure that your payment is in on time – sometimes, you won’t even have to go to the country office, you can do it via mail or online.


If you have a child in daycare, you know that the drop off and pick up time is extremely crazy and you don’t always remember to kiss your kid goodbye, let alone stop by to pay someone. Setting up your daycare expenses on a credit card allows the daycare to just charge you – shaving crucial minutes off of the day.

You Want to Earn Rewards

Miles, shopping rewards, or cash back, paying your bills with a credit card can give you more money to play with for special events, vacations, and just to pay your other bills. The rewards will stack up and you’ll be able to say that you earned them paying bills that you were going to have to pay anyway.

Next time you have to use a credit card to pay your bills, be sure to think it through first.

Best Ways to Find Airline Deals

Flying in an airplane is one of those things that almost everyone does, so you will hear quite a few different opinions about how to get the best airline deals. However, there are only a few methods that are proven to work each and every time – they are the methods that work no matter what type of flight you are looking for – here are a few tips for finding the best airline deals:

Know What to Ignore

The first thing you need to do is know that many people will have gotten lucky with one website or one tip, but you probably won’t be able to replicate it. There is no cheaper “day” to buy airfare and there is no concrete evidence that searching while incognito works, and you don’t get better deals depending where you search. Sometimes these tips will work, but not always.

Pay Attention to Social Media

Sometimes the airlines and even travel agencies will run special promotions where you are able to sign up for special deals, put in a promo code, or just get a certain percentage off without really having to do anything. This is a great opportunity for people who know that they want to go away, but are open to a few different locations.

Get Alerts

Similarly, you can sign up for alerts from the social media of airlines or from the airlines themselves so that you know when there is a promo. This comes in handy for people who don’t go on social media all that often or those who like to fly with airlines who have short-period promos.

Be Flexible

If you can be flexible with your travel time, you will likely end up with a much better deal. If you can fly during the week, or take a flight that is a little bit earlier or later than most people would like, you will get a great deal that you can’t refuse.

Use Airline Miles

If you fly frequently (or you would like to), try to sign up for a credit card that offers reward miles or points. This will allow you to get airline miles for your regular spending – just make sure you sign up for one that offers you the most in return for your chosen airline.

Check Budget Airlines First

If you don’t feel the need to fly in luxury, you can fly on a budget airline which will bring the price down even more. You won’t get the most comfortable ride, but for locations that aren’t that far away, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Most importantly, make sure that you always check for fees, taxes, and baggage prices so that you don’t end up paying more than you would on a better airline or on a better seat.