Should you Join a Hotel Rewards Program?

Many people resist joining a hotel rewards program and it isn’t immediately clear why. They often don’t cost anymore more than time, and they can get you some great perks. However people don’t want to take the time to find out how they can benefit them. Interested? Here are a few reasons why to join a hotel rewards program.

Benefits Are Immediate

With most hotel rewards programs, you get the benefits as soon as you sign up – things that don’t take any rewards points at all. This will vary depending on the hotel, but you can expect to get something almost immediately – a free upgrade, late check-out, a free drink, or access to a special area of the hotel.

Fewer Restrictions Than Other Programs

When you work directly with the hotel, you will face fewer restrictions when it comes to your use of the points. One of the best restrictions you won’t face is the risk of points that expire – more hotels keep your points forever. Some will even allow you to stay anywhere!

You’ll also have access to different methods of booking with certain programs. Another great option you have by working directly with ah hotel rewards program is that you can use different payment methods – like combining points and your own money.

Finally, you’ll deal with fewer blackout dates as well. Most hotel chains won’t allow you to book on “cheap” sites for specific dates – like holidays- but you will be able to get it through the hotel’s rewards program.

You’ll Get Special Deals & Superior Options

Sometimes, you’ll get better treatment when you are actually at the hotel as well. People who are enrolled in rewards programs are likely to get free upgrades, better rooms, and access to free amenities that others have to pay for – like Wi-Fi, breakfast, exclusive elevator usage, early check-in, late check-out, and even discounts within the hotel’s dining and shopping options.

Freedom to Roam

One of the best reasons to work with a specific hotel chain’s rewards program is to get access to their many locations all across the globe. You’ll be able to earn points at your favorite local hotel (for special occasions or business) and then use them to take the vacation of your dreams.

Interested in a hotel rewards program? Make sure to do your research and find out the best option for you, your spending habits, and your staying habits.