Best Airlines to Fly Business Class

Flying business class is a great way to ensure that you will have a nice trip and you will get some work done on the way – or at least, you will have the opportunity to get some work done. But are all business class airlines created equally? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they aren’t, so which ones are the best?

Here’s a rundown on our favorite business class airlines:

Qatar Airways

Globally recognized as the world’s best business airline, Qatar Airways has the most comprehensive list of amenities and luxury appeal that will impress anyone. For a truly amazing flight, book a Qsuite, a business suite with doors that will give you the most privacy. Within those doors, you’ll find a fully flat bed, storage space, and mood lighting. For those traveling in a group, all four Qsuites on a flight have sliding doors so that you can create a larger room and have meetings.

The ed itself is quite amazing, with high thread counts and as many pillows as you’d like. Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment, and luxury toiletries are also provided.


Lufthansa is a slightly lesser known airline, but it is certainly a great one for business class travelers. You get your own check-in process, private lounges, and comfortable seats that tilt back a little when you are reclined, giving you the illusion of a bed.

However, the best feature is that the seats give you a massage while inflight, ensuring you are relaxed and ready to go. Don’t forget your breakfast on the way out!

Air Canada

Many things in Canada are better, including flying Business Class. The company has a gorgeous Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft that has some of the best business class amenities around, including an Executive Pod. This pod has a fully adjustable seat, pneumatic headrest and cushion, lumbar support, and massage capabilities. Of course, you get access to spa products on international flights.

If jet lag is a concern, you can sync the mood lighting to the different times zones to help alleviate that problem.

Of course, your food and drink options are premium as well.

British Airways

British Airways Club Class seats are massive, coming it at 6’6” long and 21.37 wide. They lie down completely when horizontal, making them the perfect bed. You don’t have to get up to adjust them, and can put up a privacy screen so that you get your beauty sleep in peace.

The food really stands out on British Airways, with luxury cakes, quality wine, and fresh fruit options.

Which airline will you take for your next business trip?