Paying Bills with your Credit Cards – When to do it

Sometimes, we all hit a point when we need more money than we have, which means that we need to turn to credit cards to pay our bills for us. This isn’t a longterm solution, per say, but it is an option that many people have to turn to at some point. Instead of feeling bad about it or questioning whether or not it is the best time to do so, you may want to start thinking about situations in which it is better to use a credit card to pay your bills versus just paying them straight out. Here are a few times when you should use a credit card to pay bills:

Automatic Payments

Setting up automatic payments is an easy way to ensure that you never miss a due date on the services that really matter – like your cell phone, electricity, or insurances. Put everything on a credit card and set them to “automatic payments” so that when your bills come, the only one you need to open and worry about is your credit card bill. Save time and save effort!


For your local, school, or property taxes, sometimes you are paying an extra 3% for someone to handle your check or cash, if your locality even still accepts cash. To save a little extra cash (and in some areas, that’s a lot of extra cash), pay with a credit card. You’ll avoid that fee and ensure that your payment is in on time – sometimes, you won’t even have to go to the country office, you can do it via mail or online.


If you have a child in daycare, you know that the drop off and pick up time is extremely crazy and you don’t always remember to kiss your kid goodbye, let alone stop by to pay someone. Setting up your daycare expenses on a credit card allows the daycare to just charge you – shaving crucial minutes off of the day.

You Want to Earn Rewards

Miles, shopping rewards, or cash back, paying your bills with a credit card can give you more money to play with for special events, vacations, and just to pay your other bills. The rewards will stack up and you’ll be able to say that you earned them paying bills that you were going to have to pay anyway.

Next time you have to use a credit card to pay your bills, be sure to think it through first.