Is Booking First Class Flights Worth It?

When it comes to flying, almost everyone would prefer to fly first class. We’ve all flown economy class before and many of us have had the same problems: cramped, uncomfortable seats, people too close for comfort, yelling kids, crying babies, and a general lack of any sort of peace. While all of those problems can’t be mitigated by flying first class, many of them can be. Once some of the problems are gone, you will see that you will be able to deal with the others quite well.

Want a few more reasons to book first class flights? Here are some of our favorite reasons:

1. You need to get work done.

Many people try to fly and get work done at the same time. We feel like we need to use the time, especially if we are about to take a few days off. Working in an economy seat is almost impossible. There are (very rarely) working outlets, the lap desk is small, and you can’t really put your arms out to type.

First class is likely nicer than your actual office. You’ll get power outlets, fast internet, and even room to spread your elbows out and get to work.

Even better, if there are people in first class with you, you may be presented with a networking opportunity that hadn’t been around before.

2. If you are trying to relax.

Vacations are supposed to be restful. If you are going on vacation and want to start it off on the right foot (or continue it when the vacation is over), you absolutely have to book first class. You will get more perks, better people, and you may even be more relaxed on the airplane than you are in your own car.

Even better – you might find people who live in your destination or go there frequently and you can get some insider tips.

3. For the Perks

If you are in an airline rewards program, buying first class tickets is going to net you more rewards points than booking somewhere else. If you are using your points for something special (programs that you can only get through using points) this is a quick way to add everything up.

Even better, you can use your perks to then get other first class flights – it is a cyclical situation in which whatever you do helps you later. And once you get the taste of first class, you won’t want to go anywhere else.

Where will you fly when you book your first class flights?