Best Ways to Find Airline Deals

Flying in an airplane is one of those things that almost everyone does, so you will hear quite a few different opinions about how to get the best airline deals. However, there are only a few methods that are proven to work each and every time – they are the methods that work no matter what type of flight you are looking for – here are a few tips for finding the best airline deals:

Know What to Ignore

The first thing you need to do is know that many people will have gotten lucky with one website or one tip, but you probably won’t be able to replicate it. There is no cheaper “day” to buy airfare and there is no concrete evidence that searching while incognito works, and you don’t get better deals depending where you search. Sometimes these tips will work, but not always.

Pay Attention to Social Media

Sometimes the airlines and even travel agencies will run special promotions where you are able to sign up for special deals, put in a promo code, or just get a certain percentage off without really having to do anything. This is a great opportunity for people who know that they want to go away, but are open to a few different locations.

Get Alerts

Similarly, you can sign up for alerts from the social media of airlines or from the airlines themselves so that you know when there is a promo. This comes in handy for people who don’t go on social media all that often or those who like to fly with airlines who have short-period promos.

Be Flexible

If you can be flexible with your travel time, you will likely end up with a much better deal. If you can fly during the week, or take a flight that is a little bit earlier or later than most people would like, you will get a great deal that you can’t refuse.

Use Airline Miles

If you fly frequently (or you would like to), try to sign up for a credit card that offers reward miles or points. This will allow you to get airline miles for your regular spending – just make sure you sign up for one that offers you the most in return for your chosen airline.

Check Budget Airlines First

If you don’t feel the need to fly in luxury, you can fly on a budget airline which will bring the price down even more. You won’t get the most comfortable ride, but for locations that aren’t that far away, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Most importantly, make sure that you always check for fees, taxes, and baggage prices so that you don’t end up paying more than you would on a better airline or on a better seat.