How to save money on last minute flights

If you are looking to take a flight that is coming up quickly, there are plenty of ways that you can save money and stay within your budget. Here are just a few:

Be careful of fees

Fees can add a significant amount of money onto your ticket price. Sometimes cheap flights are made not so cheap based on the fees that come along with the flights. Always read the fine print and look at the total balance before you hit “accept” for the ticket. Also consider baggage fees if that doesn’t come along with your ticket.

Call the airline

If you are really running last minute because of a death or another serious problem, some airlines will offer bereavement fares. You have to call on the phone to the airline and you need to travel within the next two weeks. Sometimes you will need to provide the name of a relative and the name/phone number of the relative’s doctor and/or funeral home.

Sometimes you’ll get a special rate and sometimes you will just get a discounted coupon code. Alaska Airlines, Virgin America, Alaska Air Group, and Delta Air Lines offer special rates as well.

Use Your Rewards

Rewards, either from the airlines themselves to rewards credit cards, can be used to help make your last minute flight that much cheaper. Make sure to calculate the amount that you would spend in cash and the equal value in points to see if you are really getting a good deal.

Stay flexible

Everybody knows that when trying to find a flight at the last minute, you need to be extremely flexible about what you want. When it comes to choosing those last minute flights, you are likely to be choosing from seats that no one wants. It also means that you might have to choose a different airport than what you are used to. If getting there quickly is of the essence, sometimes renting a car when you get there could save you some precious time.

Book as early as you can

As soon as you know that you need a flight – book. Otherwise, you will start to pay fees and premiums that you probably wouldn’t have had to pay in other positions.

Most importantly, make sure that you are getting to where you need to go on time, spending a little extra money or spending more points could be more important.