How to Use Miles to Upgrade Your Seat – And Is It Worth It?

We all dream about traveling in luxury, but we have to ask ourselves if it is worth spending the extra money. Many of us do not think of our frequent flyer miles or reward miles as money, but it is something that we must also consider.

Before paying upfront, find out if you can upgrade your seat using miles. Not all airlines allow you to do this, and sometimes it will depend on how you gained your miles in the first place. Many times, upgrades may only be allowed at the last minute unless you are a VIP.

But remember that upgrading is expensive and can cost you. Throughout the entire process, you also have to remember to be flexible. Sometimes you will be able to upgrade and sometimes you will not. It really just depends on how many people want to go where you are going when you are going, and whether or not they are willing to pay for the upgraded seats.

To upgrade using your miles, you can either go through the online portal or you can talk to a ticketing agent via phone or at the airport.

Is it Worth It?

Determining whether upgrading your seat is worth it will vary by airline. If you have crossed the country multiple times and have so many rewards points that you do not know what to do with them, upgrading might be worth it. For others, who may not be able to afford another ticket, it may not be worth spending miles on an upgrade when you could possibly get another trip out of those miles.

But for longer trips, the added luxury and additional leg and elbow room might be worth it. It could also be worth it if this is a trip you have been planning for a long time. You will also want to consider how you are paying for your ticket — are you using money to purchase it and just upgrading with miles or have you purchased the entire ticket with miles. This will help change the amount of rewards points you spend.

One thing is easy to determine: everyone wants to travel in comfort. But the question becomes then: would you rather have quality or quantity? The answer depends on each person.