Is Earning American Express Membership Rewards Points Worth It?

Earning American Express Membership Rewards Points is simple and easy, and they can help you travel the world and visit places you have never been before.

AmEx Membership Rewards Points are easy to transfer to travel partners, giving you more flexibility and options. You may use them for many popular hotel chains, just be sure to check conversion rates.

Change it Up

The most popular way to use your points is to fly because you have the option to fly on a variety of different airlines. You can fly on one that is in the same alliance with American Express Membership Rewards or on a partner airline. Diversifying your miles will help you to get the most for your membership points. Use two programs, for example British and Singapore Airways, so that you can stack your miles.

Transferring Bonuses

Sometimes, American Express will offer transfer bonuses when transferring your MR points to travel partners. These bonuses can go up to an extra 40% in miles, which can really help you travel farther. These bonuses are not always available so you will have to be careful about choosing which work for you.

Easy to Earn

If you are not sure which card to choose, not to worry. Many of the American Express rewards cards make it easy to earn Membership Rewards. Usually you will find them advertised when you sign up for the card or when you sign in to pay your balance. American Express offers a Card Match Tool to help you out.

Remember that there are sign-up bonuses, which are normally offered only once per lifetime, but you may apply for another card after your old account has been closed out for over  a year.

The Amex MR credit cards that earn the most are:

  • Premier Rewards Gold Card
  • The Business Gold Rewards
  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Platinum
  • The Business Platinum Card®
  • Everyday
  • Everyday Preferred

If you do some research and strike at the right opportunity, you can really make the most out of American Express Membership Rewards.

Always make sure to read the fine print and look into what you are signing up for before you actually apply for the credit card. Not doing so could lead you into possibly signing up for a program that doesn’t fit what you are looking for.

As you can see, it is easy to earn Amex reward points which helps make their rewards program one of the better ones currently available.