Tips to Get Bumped Off Your Flight to Receive Airline Vouchers

Getting bumped on an airline isn’t always a bad thing – even though most people don’t look forward to it. However, for people who aren’t in that much of a hurry, it can be a great way to earn some airline vouchers. If you travel on peak travel days (Monday, Friday, Sunday, and holidays), you have more of a chance of getting cut. Some people strategically book those day so they they have a better chance of getting bumped and thus earning those elusive vouchers. What are some other ways to do so?

Check Flight Loads

Flights with solid booking without gaps are much more likely to bump you than those that have open spaces. If you can’t pick your seats, just check to see if you can get a seat through the airline. Sometimes they will tell you whether or not a flight a has been oversold. Even if you can’t get on the flight, this will give you some insight into whether or not it happens.

Arrive Early

On particularly heavy travel days, checking in early may present you with the opportunity to bump. Some airlines will just ask you if you want to be bumped so that they don’t have to scrounge up seats at the last minute.


It may seem simple, but you can volunteer to be bumped. If you notice a gate agent that isn’t busy, simply ask him or her whether the flight is oversold and needs volunteers. Ideally, that person will say yes and you can move to the next step in the process. This doesn’t always work, but it can be a relief for both you and the gate agents.

Get a Cash Voucher

The most important tip is to ensure that you get a cash voucher, not a flight voucher. Flight vouchers are typically very difficult to redeem with any semblance of sanity because of restrictions and blackout dates.

Have an Alternative At the Ready

Other flights are probably oversold if yours is as well. Since gate agents are busy, they probably won’t have time to tell you whether you can get onto another flight. Do your own research to determine whether you can still get to your destination in time.

While these tips won’t work every time, they are pretty great options to really have a chance at getting bumped for another flight.