Is There a Difference Between Business and First Class?

When traveling, many people think there are only two classes: economy and first class, however this is not  the case. In fact, there is a middle class — business class. These are the seats that are not quite first class but are not nearly as bad and uncomfortable as economy.

Here is how you can break the differences down even more:

Waiting Game

At many airports, first class gets a separate space to wait. This means that they get some perks that most people do not — privacy, quiet, and even a few snacks. Sometimes business class gets included but more often than not, they are left outside with the regular people.

Personal Space

You get more room in both business and first class than you would in economy, but you will certainly get more personal space in first class. On some airlines, you will get a pod like room where you can move around in first class, whereas business might only offer you some extra leg or elbow room. But mostly, people seem to appreciate the privacy one gets with first class: partitions, walls, and even private bathrooms.

Food and Drinks

You will get better quality food in both business and first class than you might in economy (think things that are actually heated), but dining in first class is exactly as you would expect it to be. You get better tasting, better prepared food. Your cocktails and drinks will also taste quite a bit better. Sometimes you will also get more snacks and the staff on board are more likely to hurry your orders than they would for someone in business or economy.


Even more, some people in first class get welcome packs that business class does not. From pajamas to sleeping masks to hand cream, first class can be like going to a hotel, especially on international airlines. What you get is of higher quality than anything else too. Your bedding will not be itchy nor the slippers thin.


Maybe most importantly for some people, the care and consideration you get from the airlines and airport employees will multiply if you have first class seats. You will be amazed at how well you get treated, even if you are only there because of a deal or because you used your airline miles. They have no idea who you are, so they will treat you as well as any other first class passenger just in case you are someone special.