When to Buy Airline Miles

It can be really difficult to know when you should buy airline miles. Often, you will see people who tell you not to buy airline miles, but there are actually a few times that you want to actively buy airline miles – and not just when you are planning a trip. There are time when it will be to your benefit to buy airline miles.

To Get a Certain Reward

If you are near a specific tier or you want a specific award, it might be smart to buy airline miles. You might be short for a flight that you really want to take, or you might be really close to getting business class instead of economy, in that case it will make sense to purchase a few more to get to that reward.

You also might be near a specific tier that gets you perks while you are on your flight. If this is the case, you will have to weigh the amount of money that you spend to get the miles and the perks – usually the perks are worth it.

To Stop Miles from Expiring

If you have a lot of miles stockpiled up, you might be worried about them expiring. Many people will save up miles and miles for a specific event, but the miles will expire before that event happens.

Airline rewards points or miles do expire, but buying new miles will keep them up to date, not matter how old they are or how many you have. Sometimes there will be limits to how many you have to buy, but it will be worth it before losing so many miles.

For Premium Experiences

If you are looking for a better experience, you might want to purchase miles so that you can get it. Whether you want to upgrade from one class to another or you want to have a better experience in the airport, you can do either when you buy miles. Make sure to do your research, as experiences that are available one weekend or day might not be available the next.

Buying airline miles is a good idea in many cases, especially if you are looking for a way to keep your miles active or a way to better your experience either in the airport or on the plane itself. Make sure to do your research and see what methods will work for you.