Tips for Using Your Frequent Flyer Miles When Traveling with Your Family

When we were younger, it was so easy to sit down and book a flight (sometime on a whim) with very few struggles. Now with children, it is harder to plan on the fly. Traveling requires planning every detail, and usually includes finding deals and using frequent flyer miles, which can be difficult. However, it does not have to be impossible.

Free Companion Travel

There are a few airlines that offer free companion tickets during specific times of the year or for specific ages of children. You can use these to earn free travel for your children, as they are often in the target age group of the free companion travel feature.

Remember that if your child is under 2 years old, most airlines consider that child young enough to travel for free.  However they must sit on your lap, and if it is a long flight or a coach flight, it may be uncomfortable, so you might want to upgrade to business or first class if possible. Be prepared, you will need to prove that your child is under the age of two.

Use Points to Book The Ticket

Some airlines will permit you to use your points to purchase your child’s ticket, but only under a certain age. Policies will differ by airline, but it should be fairly easy to find the policy. Try not to transfer points, if at all possible, because this could use up far more points than the ticket is worth.

Try Different Flights

You may be able to use your points to get a better deal if you look for different flights. Have mom and dad split up so that you can effectively use your points. Have the older kids go on the longer flight or the younger kids go with the parent that can entertain them better.

Search Websites

Search around different websites to find the best deals on your flight. Sometimes you will find amazing deals that you did not think was possible. However sometimes you may not find anything. It is really all in the timing and the luck of the draw, but if you start planning early enough, you are more likely to find something.

When securing cheaper tickets for a flight using frequent flyer miles, you are facing a challenge. However, it does not have to be difficult if you are willing to be flexible and you start planning early enough.