Easy Ways to Save on your Trip to Europe

Going to Europe can be extremely expensive, especially if you want to do all of the touristy things while you’re there. You want to save where you can, even if you do have the money, because that means that you can do more.

Not quite sure where to save money? Here are some tips:

Get Your Passport in Enough Time

If you don’t have your passport, that is a huge expense you want to consider. Aim to get your passport in enough time so that you don’t have to pay for expedited shipping. This will save you a few hundred dollars right off the bat.

Public Transportation is Key

Renting a car or using Uber might be a better way to travel in style, but it isn’t a good idea for your bank account. Instead, do some research about the local public transportation systems and use them. If worst comes to worst, make sure to pack a comfortable pair of shoes so that you can walk from place to place. In some instances, walking will be much, much quicker than driving anyway.

Be Flexible on Your Travel Dates

Since you are planning ahead, you should be able to have some flexibility in your travel dates. Be smart about it and plan to fly during the week instead of on the weekends – you’ll get a better rate that can save you a lot of money. You also want to consider different times of the day when flying.

Look for Package Deals

Though they get a bit of a bad reputation, sometimes package deals, where you get a free rental with a hotel or a free flight if you stay in a slightly pricier hotel, will work out better than buying everything on its own. You’ll have to do some math and figure it out for yourself, but it shouldn’t be that hard to do with a phone calculator and some online searching.

Use Airline Miles

One of the most expensive things you will buy for your trip to Europe will be your plane tickets. While no one wants to admit it, flying overseas can be expensive and can be one of the top reasons why someone will decide against going on a trip to Europe.

Consider signing up for a credit card that will give you enough credits so that you can get a ticket, at least in coach.

Most importantly – look for free things to do. That’s the best way to save and you’ll still get a great feeling for the country you travel to.