Earned Chase Ultimate Reward Points? Best Ways to Redeem Them

So you have amassed a number of Chase Reward Points, but what can you do with them? There are plenty of options out there, but if you want to make the most of it, there are a few approaches you can try that will allow you to earn money, get the chance to experience different events, and even travel the world.

Here are our choices for the best ways to redeem your Chase Reward Points:

Air Travel

This is probably the obvious way to redeem your points, which is why it also one of the best. You can use your points to get airline miles to go just about anywhere, if you are careful to save and redeem wisely. Make sure to always look for the best deals if you are pressed for money and do not want to travel without using your points. Otherwise, you can use miles to upgrade your trip to one of luxury — look for flights on Korean Airlines for a special treat. Make sure to book through the Travel Portal and look around for the best deals.

Cash Back

You can also redeem your points to get money to pay off your account. At a rate of 1 cent per point, you will have to wait a while to really see a difference, but using 50,000 points to pay off $500 of your bill can be life changing for some people.


If you frequently travel domestically, you can use your points to book hotels. You can look to book through Ultimate Rewards or the Travel Portal, and even compare them to see which one will give you a better rate. Use it to upgrade your trip to a nice hotel.

Chase Experiences

For people who have the means to travel with their own money, or those who do not really like to travel, a unique opportunity may present itself with Exclusive Cardmember Events. You will never really be able to know what might pop up because Chase curates these events and you would not otherwise be able to access them on your own. Still, the events change often and you can find some pretty great experiences.

Rental Cars

When you rent a car through the Ultimate Rewards Travel Portal, you will get 1.25 cents per dollar to choose whatever car you want. Chase has some of the best rates around, so you will be able to use your points to get a great car. On top of that, you get some pretty great benefits with your account. However, make sure to read the fine print and follow all of the rules.