Breaking Down the Iberia Plus Program

British Airways and Iberia merged in 2011, which isn’t quite known. This means that Iberia also picked up many of the same characteristics of the Avios product that British Airways used. There are ways to transfer credit between the two programs, which can be helpful for people in North America because they can gather points on Avios and then transfer them to Iberia Plus.

To do this, one can gather miles the old fashioned ways, use connected credit cards, or spend money with partners.

Why Use Iberia Plus Program

The Iberia Plus Rewards program helps you to gain miles that you can redeem for trips, upgrades, and special perks. It is different (and better) than the Avios program for one bi reason: it doesn’t have the huge fuel surcharges on longer flights. In general, it will cost you just a little less to fly with Iberia than it will many other airlines.

Still, you get the chance to use many of the same airlines, including: American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Qantas, Royal Jordanian, SriLankan Airlines, TAM, Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines, and Royal Air Maroc.

Who Should Use Iberia?

Iberia Plus is for just about anyone – the casual traveler or someone that is always on the go. Iberia works with some of the most popular airlines and it is rather easy to redeem your miles or keep them up to date. You can go directly through their website and easily transfer points between Iberia Plus and Avios.

You can use Iberia Plus miles using a distance-based reward chart, like you will see with most rewards programs. You can get some intense savings here, especially for long distance travels, though you shouldn’t overlook shorter journeys.

It is important to check both Iberia airways and British Airways to see which one will give you the better deal – you can often get similar trips.

How to Earn Miles

To earn miles, one can simply use the credit card, stay at partner hotels, or book flights. You can also purchase miles, which can be extremely helpful if your points are about to expire. It is also a great way to get miles if you don’t have enough to get the perks that you want.

Speaking of those perks, some of them include: a 73 hour hold on award itineraries, distance based awards, and the transferring of miles from one airline to the other.

Overall, the Iberia Plus Program is a great one that many travelers may have overlooked in the past. It isn’t going to be completely revolutionary if you don’t earn the miles, but it is something to take into consideration when looking into frequent flier programs.