Cathay Pacific Asia Miles Guide – How to Earn Them and When to Buy Them

For those who frequently fly to Asia, Cathay Pacific Asia Miles might be one of the best programs you can enroll in. The airline offers frequent trips that are affordable, which means that you are likely to get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to using your miles and earning them. Cathay Pacific is continually offering new and improved ways to reach your location. If you like to fly business or first class, it is even easier to redeem your rewards.

There are so many ways to redeem your miles. You can redeem online on Dragonair, British Airways, and Qantas Airways or by phone on many others, including Aer Lingus, Air China, airberlin, American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia, Malaysia Airlines and more.

How to Earn Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

To earn Cathay Pacific Asia miles, you can fly with Cathay Pacific Asia or any of their partner airlines. You can also stay are partner hotels or use a rewards credit card. NO matter what you do, the miles add up very quickly, especially when compared to the other airlines.

Some Things to Keep in Mind

You have to know that with Cathay Pacific Asia Miles, there are a lot of rules and things that you need to learn. However, once you know them, you will be able to use all of the online platforms easily.  There are so many opportunities with this rewards program, though you do sometimes have to act quickly in order to get your seat.

While it might seem annoying that you have to call for so many airlines, it can actually work to your advantage. Itineraries are possible when you talk to a customer service agent that you might not have found on your own – this will save you from wasting time and help you to get the best possible trip.

Many people believe that Cathay Pacific Asia has the easiest system to redeem miles as well – you can easily see everything that you are getting, see any limitations, and see how you can move your itinerary.

Why You Should Buy Cathay Pacific Asia Miles

Buying airline miles is an easy way to cap off your miles when are nearly at the limit for a trip you want to take. Even better, you can use them to quickly upgrade seats you already have or to reach a new level before your points expire. Also when you buy miles, you are not only adding to your total so that you can get to the next tier on Cathay Pacific Asia but it can also help keep your miles account active. While some may be afraid to buy airline miles, doing so can help you take that trip to Asia that you have always dreamed about and in the end may save you money as well.