Airline Miles Secrets You Need to Know

Most people have heard about airline miles and that they can really change the way you travel and the way you spend your money. However, there are more than a few secrets how to make them work for you on a continual basis.

These secrets aren’t closely guarded, they are just known by people who have worked with miles for some time.

Here are a few of the closely guarded secrets of airline miles:

Credit to One Program Doesn’t Mean Flying On Only One

It is easier to earn airline miles on some airlines than it is others. Pick a program and stick with it, because it is better to earn on one than to spread them out. You can build your account as you go, but you can fly on some of their partners. Make sure to do research to see which ones travel your favorite routes.

You’ll Earn More on the Ground Than You Do In Air

For people who don’t fly all that often, don’t worry. Most airline reward credit cards, which is one way to earn points, you will be able to earn on what you spend rather than when or how often you fly.

Use your card to pay for everything and earn miles. Pay attention to the fine print to see what you earn more miles for, and then focus on those.

Know the Awards Chart

Understanding what you can get and how you can spend your points is key to learning and growing your points. Make sure you understand the fine print and the different meanings for how you redeem your points.

Don’t Avoid Business or First Class

Most people won’t or can’t buy first class or business class seats because they think they cost too much, but when you use airline miles, you can easily upgrade. Seats that would normally cost you two or three times the price of a traditional seat, you can get for a minuscule amount of miles by comparison. Some people will save their miles this moment.

Finally, the biggest secret to redeeming your airline miles is to pay attention and understand what you deserve. Stay organized and plan the best approach to earning and redeeming your miles. That will be different for each person, from using a credit card to linking to other reward programs.