Getting the Most Out of your Reward Points and Airline Miles

There are many ways to earn reward points and miles, from credit cards to being a loyal customer, but many people don’t realize that they aren’t redeeming their points effectively. A lot of times people let their points or miles expire. Instead of letting them expire, one of the best options is to sell points or miles for cash.

Why You Should Consider Selling Your Points and Miles

One of the more popular rewards are airline miles that you can be used for a free trip. However with miles, there can sometimes be a lot of hassle such as not being able to use them due to blackout dates, sold out flights during travel dates, or not having enough miles. Selling your miles for cash may be the best option to avoid these issues. Some people may end up buying miles to get a ticket, but may end up paying more. Instead of losing money by paying more, you could stand to make more money selling your miles than using them yourself.

You just have to find the right person to buy them. You’ll want to be paid full market value for your miles, and will need to know how much that is. The rate will depend on the time, down to the hour of the day, and certain reward points and airline miles are worth more than others.

But you must be careful who you sell your miles to through any rewards selling program. Points and miles can often be used for airline tickets, rental cars, and hotel services. If your miles can do all of that, then you may want to find someone who is willing to pay you the proper fee, as these miles generally get more than those only redeemed for flights.

The best way to get the most out of your airline miles is to work with the Miles Broker who has helped many sell their miles for case. We can instantly tell you how much your miles are worth and the best way to sell them. For more information about selling your miles with us, please click here